Preparing for Thompson-Hardy commute

The Hardy School will welcome Thompson third and fourth graders.

The Selectmen last Monday tweaked parking restrictions on a short stretch of Mass. Ave. to create a morning drop-off area for temporary Hardy School students.

Parking in the drop off zone, in the south-side block between Chandler St. and Edgerton Rd., will be restricted from 7:30 to 8:15 am.

The Thompson school will be rebuilt.

The change is designed to partly mitigate the rush-hour traffic impact of Thompson School third and fourth graders, who will be attending Hardy during Thompson’s reconstruction.

However, any parent may use the area, which will be staffed, to avoid the congested block in front of the Hardy School on Chandler St.

There is no afternoon program to ease congestion. Pick-up is not as concentrated as drop-off and does not coincide with a traffic peak.

The school and affected parents are also organizing a safe-routes-to-school program to encourage Thompson families to walk, bicycle, or ride the bus to Hardy.

The Selectmen further designated the small parking lot at the corner of Lake St. and the Minuteman Path as overflow parking for Hardy school employees, to accommodate the larger staff during the Thompson-rebuild period.

These changes were recommended by the Town’s Transportation Advisory Committee.

Images from Thompson and Hardy School web sites.


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