Plan “in accordance with” requirements, Mass Highway finds

The Mass. Ave. plan meets state guidelines, according to a letter from Mass. Highway to those who commented to the agency about the plan.

This low-key endorsement of the Town’s 25%-plan submission means the general features of the design are approved. The Selectmen voted to proceed with 75% plans, the next stage, last Monday.

The 25% and 75% designations are two of the three formal design phases.

In the letter, Mass. Highway Director of Project Management Marie Rose thanks the recipient “for your recent letter” and says:

The recommended improvements…are in accordance with the Town of Arlington’s project objectives and [MassDOT’s] Project Development and Design Guide.

MassDOT along with with the Federal Highway Administration has reviewed the proposed design for conformity with State and Federal design standards.

The Town intends to advance this project….

A copy of the Town’s June 13 letter to Mass Highway requesting “that the project be advanced to the 75% Design Phase” is attached to Rose’s letter.

Of the written and oral comments, Rose says,

MassDOT will be reviewing all of the comments received and will take these comments into consideration as the design progresses.

Your comments have been included in the official public hearing file.

Rose directs further inquiries to MassDOT Project Manager Kimberly Sloan, (617) 973-7495, or Arlington’s senior planner, Laura Wiener, whose contact information is at the bottom of this page.

The agency’s letter is dated June 17 but some people who submitted  comments have reported receiving it on the 16th.

Who else has gotten one of these? I haven’t, at least not yet. But I did not get to speak at the April 12 hearing and so submitted my comments by email.

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  1. Bob Sprague on

    Mark Kaepplein says he has found “clear deceptions” in the state’s representation of the Mass. Ave. plan. Let the reader be the judge. See comments at (and others).

    Bob Sprague

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