So near…

Framed by the metal gate at the Henderson Street end, the Alewife ramp stops a tantalizing eight feet from the trail head. Looking south.

The ramp on the path along the Alewife Brook grew by leaps and bounds in April, only to stop short mid-month.

The ramp is nearly to to the street

The ramp is now so close to Henderson Street that the old metal gate to the area can no longer open.

Here are some progressive views south from next to where Henderson Street crosses the Brook.

April 1. Its work completed, the earth mover waits to leave.

As you can see by the dates, the ramp grew rapidly from April 5 to 12.

April 4: Same view without earth mover

During that period, crews were busy every weekday that weather permitted.

April 5

April 6

They really threw up these segments in no time.

April 7

April 8: Posts for railings are added.

After that, ramp work consisted of adding railings and trim.

You can see how that progressed in the photos below

April 11: More trim and finish work

April 12. Framed by the gate.

There hasn’t been anything further on the ramp, although someone did wrap the end in orange safety netting and stick some markers in the ground, as in the first photo at the top of this report.

More cleanup, on the Cambridge side and also of the brook itself, April 14

There were also several days of intensive clearing of brush and debris mid-month, on both sides of the brook.

If you look  closely at the photo opposite, you might be able to make out two men on the Cambridge bank of the Alewife very close to the water’s edge (or at least their blue pants). They are mostly obscured by branches. One of them had a kind of grabber and was using it to haul branches out of the brook.

Grass sprouts thorough the burlap over the swales on April 12.

Earlier, crews  removed the branches and brush that had been piled on the swales during the winter and spring. Grass was growing underneath.

They also hauled away a lot of detritus from the old path—bits of masonry and rusted chain-link fence that had been heaped up since last summer and fall, also a huge truck tire that had been used as a barrier in the space where the Cottage Ave. entrance is now planned and roughed in.

Finally, here’s a view of the ramp from the Cambridge bank:

Nearly completed ramp on April 11

There hasn’t been anything since, although in the first week of May I saw surveyors at work in the area north of the Henderson St. bridge, and an alert neighbor spoke to workers doing even more clearing and cleaning.

They told her that our tiny stretch of the brook was by far the most in need of cutting and clearing of the whole project. For whatever reason, we really got walloped last summer and winter.

Note: This blog about Mass. Ave. occasionally detours along the Alewife Brook; my previous Alewife post is here, and you can also see all of them listed together blog fashion, most-recent first, or start at the first in the series here. Update: Or read the next exciting episode.


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  1. Rob Fellows on

    I like to see the word “detritus” in a report on an engineering project, thanks for that.

    • Adam Auster on

      Rob, we aim to please! So thanks.

      Exposing detritus since 2009

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