Japanese Knotweed

Fans of aggressively invasive species will be relieved to know that the Japanese Knotweed has returned to the Alewife, clearing and construction notwithstanding.

Thriving amongst the construction debris

Ironically, this prolific and hard-to-eradicate plant was imported to the Americas by the wife of Fredrick Law Olmstead, according to the Olmstead Historic Site (though some dispute this). It grows rapidly to as much as 10 feet in height and has a bamboo-like appearance.

Foraging gourmets claim the young shoots are a delicacy with a flavor like asparagus or rhubarb, and have organized wild-food walks in the Alewife Reservation near Little Pond and other places.

If you are craving some knotweed, now is harvest time, and you need forage no further than the banks of the Alewife near my house.

Come and get it.

(All my Alewife posts are here, and the next one is here, but really, this is a blog about Mass. Ave.)


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