Plan opponents slam town with criminal complaint

Foes of rebuilding Mass. Ave. filed a criminal complaint against the Town of Arlington last week for failing to accept anti-rebuild arguments.

Eric Berger’s lawyer, Michael Rossi, filed the complaint with the Public Integrity Division of the Attorney General’s office.

According to that office, the Division was established earlier this year to investigate and prosecute “cases of public corruption and fraud.” However, the 10-page complaint does not describe any crimes, just differences of opinion.

The complaint comes as the state’s highway department prepares for public hearings on the Town’s plans at Town Hall on April 12.

Rossi filed the complaint on March 28, just two days after Berger, on behalf of the anti-rebuild East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee, withdrew a flawed request for a permit to march on Mass. Ave. Rossi, of the firm of Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, also  wrote the permit request.

According to a press release from the Attorney General’s office, the Public Integrity Division “is already engaged in…the extensive examination into the Massachusetts Probation Department.”

Rossi’s complaint mostly rehashes the CCC’s technical and legal theories against the Town’s plan, and also charges that the Town is covering up “widespread public criticism” of the redesign.

Berger last summer threatened to sue the Town to stop the project, but Town officials said they were on firm legal ground and Berger has not filed suit.

The Arlington Advocate, which broke this story, has more at its web site, including a link to Rossi’s complaint.

Update: My quick and dirty analysis of the complaint is here.


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  1. Bob Sprague on

    The story at YourArlington includes a link to a 10-page letter connected to the complaint, an aspect of this not on WickedLocal.

    Bob Sprague

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