For the record at Mass. Highway

Mass. Highway, the state agency that will decide (after next month’s hearing) whether to fund the reconstruction of Mass. Ave. in East Arlington, has its own bare-bones web page for the project.

My experience watching similar pages for other projects (all of Arlington is here) is that these reports are abbreviated and often lag behind developments on the ground (or the meeting rooms, as the case may be.) But for Mass. Ave. watchers, it’s another data point.

As of this writing, the most recent activity reported is some paperwork on March 9 about securing rights of way.

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  1. Mark Kaepplein on

    I agree, information on projects at state sites is usually minimal. There is a hearing next Thursday (March 31) that should be of interest to all in east Arlington. The project makes some improvement for traffic on Rt. 16 turning right to Rt 2 westbound. Details are sketchy, no maps, and the only hints are from the 2009 report on Alewife Circle improvements to reduce delays for MBTA buses. I guess the other vehicles backlogged don’t matter! Reducing backups on Rt. 16 will reduce the traffic diverting through Arlington on Mass Ave., Lake (past Hardy school), Mystic, Pleasant, Bates, and River streets. DCR, Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford opposing bandwidth improvements on Rt. 16 and Fresh Pond Parkway puts more traffic diverting through Arlington instead of those arterials.

    The project is here:

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