Broken Trees

Between last summer’s tornado-like macroburst and this winter’s violent storms, on top of the initial clearing of trees and brush from the path last June, this has not been a good year to be a tree along the Alewife.

Construction crews among the (broken) trees, March 15.

Today’s photo does double duty, showing both landscape and construction work in progress. Take a moment to note the tree crushing the fence at lower right, and the many broken stumps of branches in the top half of the photo.

It will have to come down

The vehicles parked on the path at right are in connection with work on the ramp, which has been taking shape by leaps and bounds this month.

Indeed I have so many pictures that I decided to spin a few of them off into this shorter report about the trees, the better to keep my March post under control.

One on the Cambridge side

Some of the work this month has been to cut and clear trees, but a good bit more remains. The photos in this report, for instance were taken after the chainsaws came through.

Most of these trees were nothing special. They just seeded themselves in and grew.

But their absence has dramatically changed the space and also the feel of many people’s yards. Partly by design and partly by hazard, the area is returning to something more like the open-to-the-sky place it was 100 years ago.

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