Snowbound no more

Over the weekend the Town began to scrape away the thick ice and frozen slush that had coated Mass. Ave. like plaque choking a vital artery.

Residues of the scraped-away ice show how much the road had been constricted

No ordinary plowing, heavy snows followed by rain and refreezing had made a calcified mess that crowded traffic and required earth-moving equipment to shift. The Town has overspent its snow budget by a million dollars this winter.

As the icy residues on the photo above suggest, mounds of immovable frozen dreck had extended a good ten feet into the street. With cars parked next to that, Mass. Ave. was reduced to one lane each way.

Yet even under these conditions my outbound commute was ordinary and unobstructed every morning, with cars making good time along Mass. Ave. It’s an indication of how light outbound traffic really is, even at rush hour.

Inbound was different, according to many reports on the Arlington email list.


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  1. Mark Kaepplein on

    Using so many contractors with little pickup truck plows that didn’t plow the full width of streets Christmas weekend led to progressive narrowing with each storm. Roads with curb extensions fared worst, as plowers just plowed at their edge, not going in and out to clear parking space. I tried to explain this to Cambridge traffic planners Sunday nite to deaf ears. The meeting was about Western Ave., where they consider driving at walking speed acceptable. I have some photos taken a couple storms ago on Somerville Ave. and Cambridge Street showing snowbank extensions and reduced radius snowbanks.

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