I can see Cambridge from my house

We nearly lost — and may still lose — a beloved flowering tree in our yard, locked in a struggle with fireblight.

Part of the effort to save the tree includes an extreme haircut, pruning away many dead and infected limbs.

A side effect is that we now have an unobstructed view of the path north of the Cottage Ave. entrance, across from the former Immaculate Conception Church (now the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church).

East SE from our second-floor porch

The photo shows the Arlington path, the brook, the Cambridge path, and the parkway. Church parking is at upper right. The view is especially clear this time of year.

I have deliberately left bits of the neighborhood in this shot to show the proximity of the path (and the brook, and the highway) to our houses and yards.

I can see Somerville from my house, too:

The path to the Northeast

Eat your heart out, Sarah Palin.

The next exciting Alewife installment is here.

We are still rooting for that tree.


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