Alewife gardening

Much-less-dramatic doings along the Alewife in October, but I am still snapping photos to share.

(This is a sequel to Alewife Path – construction reports of July, August, and September.)

Here on the Left Bank of the Alewife landscapers left a veritable Burnham Wood of shrubs and ferns in the strip between the path and the motel:

That was on October 4. These eventually got planted at those locations, by the motel near the Mass. Ave. end of things.

One of the new oaks

The landscapers also planted some oak trees, including three along the Arlington bank of the Alewife right at the entrance from Cottage Ave.

There was similar planting on the Cambridge side. Also, construction crews put a second layer of blacktop on the Cambridge-side path along the Alewife in October, smooth as silk.

These plantings do not dramatically change how things look right now. They are a spindly and threadbare in October, and the carpet of ferns in particular has withered to nothing. I wonder how they will look in a year or two.

Plants waiting in the swale

By October 8, many of the plants had migrated to one of the swales just south of the Cottage Ave. entrance.

I thought perhaps we’d see swales filled in with some shrubs planted, but by the end of the month there were only more plants, and only in this one swale.

The plants were still in their pots and looking a bit stressed.

Other swales were filled not with plants but with broken tree limbs, cleared brush, and other detritus. There was another round of brush clearing this month, though I can’t say which day.

row of caps

Towards the end of the month someone put red plastic caps on the bits of rebar-like rods sticking up from the boardwalk anchor that was poured in September. (Note the branch-filled swale in the background.)

Bar cap detail

I thought this was a curious thing to do, but probably it is to prevent people from injuring themselves on the ends of the bars over the winter. So at least someone has details like this on a list someplace.

I am not trying to track what is going on elsewhere along this mile-and-a-half-long project, but it didn’t look as though there had been any further work on the technically ambitious portion to the north, between Broadway and the Henderson Street Bridge.

Earth-moving equipment was out on the path yesterday (November 2), but all they were up to was a little more planting. There’s obviously not much more time left in this construction years, but we’ll see what it brings.

A few obligatory notes:

  1. This blog really really is about Mass. Ave., evidence to the contrary.
  2. My next post in this series is here; the whole thing began here.
  3. To see the all my posts about the construction of the Alewife Greenway paths, arranged as a sort of mini-blog-within-the-blog, click here.

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