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New drawings at Town Day may be final

New plans for Mass. Ave. in East Arlington that would partially restore the traversable median proposed last year were unveiled at Town Day earlier today.

The plans may be submitted to the state within a few weeks, according to Town Planner Laura Wiener, who is overseeing the project.

East Arlington business district plans, September 25. Click for detailed view.

The basic features, such as the lane configuration and dedicated bicycle lanes, are unchanged from the version approved by the Town a year ago. In particular, the design still calls for

  • A single travel lane for most of the outbound (Westbound) traffic;
  • Two 11-foot travel lanes inbound;
  • Five-foot bicycle lanes in both directions;
  • Traffic signals at Teel and Linwood Streets, where there are signals today (and which had been in doubt), and a new signal at Bates Road;
  • Improved pedestrian crossings.

New since the previous drawings:

  • A 6-foot textured median, flush with the pavement, from Orvis Road to Milton Street.
  • On the stretch of road with the median, parking lanes would be 8.5 feet wide; elsewhere they would be 10 feet.
  • Where there is no median proposed, the width of the outbound travel lane would swell to as much as 15 feet (11 feet otherwise).

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