Questions about the Mass. Ave. plan

After nearly a year, the Town will hold “a public meeting to update the community on the current status of the Mass. Ave. Corridor Project” on June 22.

Last April the Town’s application for state and federal funds to rebuild Mass. Ave. was returned by the staff of Mass. Highway District 4 for what looked like technical defects.

However, opponents of the redesign claimed that District 4 had found the plan fundamentally defective. The Town’s effort to preserve the traffic signal on Mass. Ave at Linwood and Foster Streets may be in doubt.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve posted some questions below that I hope the Town will answer at that meeting. Add your own in the comments.

1) Are the defects that District 4 found in the plan technical or fundamental? (An example of the former might be, More detail needed in the drawings. An example of the latter might be, Arlington must widen Mass. Ave.)

2) What is the status of the signal at Linwood and Foster? How will the Town respond?

3) The tone of the staff memos directed to the engineering consultants was harsh. Was this justified?

4) Will the baseline traffic counts taken recently on side streets in East Arlington play any role in the redesign?

5) When can we expect a full hearing on the proposal, and when might construction realistically start?

The public information meeting will be held at Town Hall at 7:00 pm on Tuesday June 22.

Update: These questions have been—more or less—answered.

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