Arlington leads, Cambridge follows

Cambridge is about to following in Arlington’s footsteps with a design study for Mass. Ave from Beech St. (just above Porter Square) to the Arlington line.

The Cambridge Community Development Department notes,

Reconstruction of Massachusetts Avenue is not anticipated; therefore changes to roadway components such as the median and curb lines are not expected to be a part of this process.

Thus the study is more analogous to what Arlington will being doing after (and if) the contentious 25%-design plans are approved, plus a zoning-review component that we are not planning to do in Arlington.

Considering the pace of work on this project, perhaps it will be Arlington following Cambridge after all!


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  1. Mark K. on

    Cambridge is doing what Arlington should – not reducing vehicle lanes and capacity. The “Livable City” crowd is too gutless to challenge Arlington Police and Fire to provide pedestrian refuges INSTEAD of narrowing the whole roadway. Cambridge is also smarter and progressive by using shared sidewalk/bike lane that is also used in Europe. Arlington has excess sidewalk traffic capacity that could be used for safer bicycling – no idiots opening car doors to watch!

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