Route 16 and Mass Ave

The intersection of Route 16 and Mass. Ave. again made the state’s list of 200 most-dangerous intersections.

The crossroads were ranked as 134 on on a list of “high-crash intersections” by the Mass. Department of Transportation for 2007, the most-recent year for which data are available. The intersection ranked 101 in 2006.

The 2007 data for the Route 16 intersection report 55 crashes, 18 involving injury. There were no fatalities.

By comparison, the most-dangerous intersection statewide was in Lowell, reporting 132 crashes, including 2 with fatalities and 44 with injuries.

None of Arlington’s intersections made the list.

Sunday’s Boston Globe published a report about high-crash area intersections, but did not list Route 16.


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  1. Mark K. on

    Rt. 16 and Broadway is also on the 200-worst list. When Mass. Ave. congests more traffic will use Broadway, driving up accidents even more. Adding a left turn phase for Rt. 16 -> Broadway will further congest 16 to the point traffic will back up to Mass Ave, blocking it and creating massive gridlock. Reducing Mass Ave. capacity creates safety and traffic problems elsewhere. Basic whack-a-mole. Reduce one problem, make another worse.

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