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I started this web site in late spring, when I became one of ten community representatives to the town’s Mass. Ave. Review Committee. My idea (I thought) was to use this medium to report to the community about what I was learning and what the committee was up to.

The committee, however, has not met since late June, when it made its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for what are called 25-percent plans for Mass. Ave. The Selectmen voted in August to submit these plans to the state, the next step in this planning process.

The state hearings will probably be held in Arlington this winter, and the committee may not meet at all before then. There will be more work to do once the state has acted.

I have filled in the empty spaces here with posts about issues related to Mass. Ave., such as this one about traffic jams or this one about cut-through traffic.

Certainly, I hope these have been interesting and useful. I am sharing things that I have learned at committee meetings and in connection with this project. However, this kind of writing means less news and reporting, and more analysis and comment from me, than I had first expected.

Actual news of the project will resume when there is news to report. Meanwhile, the two most substantive posts on this blog so far are probably this one about the committee’s final June meeting (when it recommended 25-percent plans to the Selectmen) and this one about the Selectmen’s August meeting (when they submitted the plans to state review).

As always, your comments are interesting and valuable–thanks!


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