Mass. Ave., Alewife path, schools down for improvement funds

Mass. Ave. and other Arlington projects, including paths along the Alewife Brook, are listed in state planning documents as recipients of millions of dollars of state and federal transportation grants.

At the Board of Selectmen’s August 10 meeting, Laura Wiener, the Town’s senior planner, told the Board that funding for the Mass. Ave. project was “on the TIP for 2012” after missing its 2010 deadlines. The TIP is the Transportation Improvement Project, which despite its name is a running list of many projects that is maintained by the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization.

In addition, the MPO recently added millions of dollars for other projects in Arlington.

According to the agency’s web site, Arlington’s Mass. Ave funds are included in a “list of projects for the draft FFYs 2010–2013 TIP.” Sure enough, the project has been zeroed out for FY 2010, and funds can be found in three different places for 2012 totaling $4,369,996 (see pages 6 and 7). This is mostly federal and some state money.

The MPO’s web site notes, “These documents are scheduled to be released for public comment in late August.”

Meanwhile, the MPO has separately listed $448,000 for “Cyrus Dallin or Thompson or Stratton Elementary School(s) Sidewalk Improvements” and $3,000,000 (with Somerville, Arlington share maybe half) for “Minuteman Bike Path Connector” (document here).

The above are 100% federal stimulus funds. There’s also $4,209,000 for Route 2 in Arlington, Belmont, and Concord, both state and federal.

Given that these projects have been added to the 2007 – 2010 TIP, it sounds as though we might see some of these improvements sooner rather than later.

These funds — all of the above except Mass. Ave., which is still part of a draft  —  are on a list adopted by the MPO on August 6, according to the agency’s web site.

The Mass. Ave. funds are subject to approval by another state agency, the Massachusetts Highway Department.

These lists are also interesting to see what’s in the works for neighboring cities and towns.

Note that this is not a complete list of all the transportation projects for Arlington, just Mass. Ave. and the newest additions.

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