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Mass. Ave. is a hot issue, and I thank those who have taken the time to share information or opinions in comments to posts on this blog.

I’ve excerpted a few of them below — they are worth a look.

Colin Ferguson writes,

We bicycle up and down Mass Ave all the time. It’s a luxury to ride in East Arlington so far from the traffic and from parked cars. The only places where we feel endangered are where the streets are narrowed to accommodate the center island, where we are squeezed in beside buses and frustrated motorists. Sure, the center island looks prettier, but it’s a waste of needed space.

He says a lot more too–his whole comment is in response to this post. (I haven’t figured out how to link directly to a comment, but scroll down and you’ll see it.)

In response to a post about cut-through traffic, Chad writes,

I think opponents to this plan should work with us and the town to do a traffic study post Mass Ave to determine which streets have high levels of cut through traffic (likely the same one’s that have it today) and mitigate that cut through using signs, speed tables, etc. This is definitely feasible. In my neighborhood of South of Mass Ave, East of Lake posting people a couple days at entry streets and exits streets and cross check cars that enter and exit would give you a good idea of where the traffic is coming from and how to mitigate it.

Whole thing here (same deal, scroll down for comments).

Predictably, I got the most comments to my most substantive posting, of my notes from the meeting where the Mass. Ave. Review Committee voted to recommend the plan to the Selectmen.

Michael Ruderman writes,

One of the big problems with storage lanes (the lanes where cars wait before making a “move”, which is trans-speak for intersection left or right turns) is when to get into them. A driver unfamiliar with the intersection won’t get over in time, and ends up being stuck. The same goes for a driver who’s simply not paying attention, or trying to jump the queue at the very last moment. We all know how rash road behaviors become around here over changing lanes. Aberrant or unexpected operator actions cause the modeled outcome (as you rightly observed with the Bates/Mass. Ave. moves above) to “crash”, in all senses of the word.

Again, these are just excerpts; the whole comment follows this post.

Phil Goff, an original member of the Mass. Ave. Review Committee who has been paying attention to this stuff much longer than I, also writes,

I’m less concerned with the notion of two lanes in one direction and more concerned that the plan includes a median zone (flush or otherwise) that could be extruded at strategic locations to provide a pedestrian refuge island at unsignalized crosswalks. While currently these refuges islands are not in the plan, I hope the larger committee will discuss them more thoroughly at a later date.

I do not agree 100% with all of these comments, but they are all thoughtful and worthy of your attention. I am delighted that we are talking about these issues through this medium.


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