Lastest Plan: light stays at Thorndike St.

A June 10 memo from Arlington’s planning department recommends keeping the traffic signal at Thorndike and Teel streets (at Mass. Ave) even though that intersection does not meet state criteria for a traffic light.

The report also endorses the “three-and-a-half-lane” configuration for Mass. Ave. depicted in the May 14 drawings (which are available from the town here.) This option has two eastbound lanes and one westbound (with left turning lanes westbound, thus the “half” lane) for most of the project.

The Planning Department’s recommendation is not final, and even if adopted by the Selectmen the proposal to keep the Thorndike-Teel light will be subject to review by Mass. Highway.

The department endorsed the proposed shift of a traffic signal from Linwood/Foster to Bates/Marion, citing a likely improvement in traffic flow. However, the memo also concluded, “If the eventual decision is made not to include the light [at Bates Rd.]…we believe traffic navigating the intersection will be no worse off than it is today.”

The plan as recommended includes five-foot bike lanes on both sides of Mass. Ave. and does not entail widening the street or removing any trees.


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